Something happened last summer. All those somber chocolate, mysterious eggplant, and renegade taupe tones got shouldered aside by…. PINK. Seemed like every bride who came through the studio decided it was okay to embrace, in some way, her inner girly-ness.

We loved it! Pink can do so much more than it’s often given credit for: whisper, flirt, shout, lounge, allure. This August wedding at Salish Lodge embraced pink’s full range of expression. The sweet bride, Jennifer, was a true flower lover. She wanted the rich textures of garden roses and Cafe au Lait dahlias, the delicacy of bleeding hearts, the fuzzy weirdness of amaranthus. My kind of bride!

Jennifer had a vision for embracing NW-inspired design elements without sacrificing sophistication or femininity. We created a wild arch of curly willow for the balcony ceremony, but tamed it with soft, trailing flowers. Lichen branches in the head table centerpiece might have been scavenged from the forest floor, but the little clusters of flowers in their crooks were soft, delicate, and intentional.

Katy Griffiths of Vows did an amazing job of pulling together the vision through lush table linens, a sexy soft-seating lounge area, and countless other details. Kristen Honeycutt is the artist responsible for the gorgeous images below.

¡Viva la rosa!