I’ve noticed something over 14 years of designing wedding floral…. When it comes time to talk about corsages, nobody gets very excited. Of course people want to honor their moms, their grandmas, all the special women in their lives. And these women are happy to be honored. But when it comes to wearing a corsage — be it pin-on or wrist — the response is often a little ho-hum. People get all nuts (in a good way) about the various blooms and textures that might make up a man’s boutonniére, but somehow this enthusiasm doesn’t translate to the corsage. Chalk it up to too many proms, too many poorly designed wristlets on pinching elastic bands, but women are ready for a change.

Floral bracelet featuring peach ranunculus and sumac.

So this winter I was beyond psyched to attend a fabulous workshop with Susan McLeary of Passionflower, put on by the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and beautifully photographed by Cozbi Jean Photography. You might have seen Susan’s gorgeous work on Instagram (@passionflowersue), in her Etsy store, or her amazing floral art in editorial shoots. It was such a treat to have her here in Seattle, sharing her tips, tricks, and passion.

A couple weeks after the workshop, we designed the cuff at right, worn by a model for I Do Sodo 2017. (Thank you to Alante Photography for this lovely image!) In the images below, you’ll see a jewelry suite I created in the workshop, featuring rich burgundy, sage and blush flowers and foliages such as protea, scabiosa, succulents, pieris, and begonia. For contrast, I also created the slightly more traditional cuff of white spray roses. All the jewelry is built on brass bases. That it’s comfortable to wear is a bonus — but the real attraction is just how much it feels like real jewelry. Scroll to the end and you’ll see the bunch of us in our floral splendor! (The workshop took place in the Floressence studio, by the way.)

2017 is all about looking at what we do by rote and seeing how it could be done better. Corsages definitely fall into that category. We’re so excited to offer floral jewelry to our clients — and are so happy to see our clients respond with matched enthusiasm!