Of all the elements that mother nature throws at me as a florist, the wind is definitely one of the most challenging. (Dare I say even more than the sun?) It can knock over chuppahs, send tall glass cylinders a-tumblin’, bust the petals right off a more delicate bloom. Let’s not even get into what it does to carefully coiffed wedding party hair, or a neatly twisted stack of cocktail napkins.

In July I gave up all my wind resistance at the Seattle Aquarium, for Cassidy and Ali’s beautiful ceremony on the pier. For the lampposts flanking the altar area, we ziptied lively floral swags around those posts as tight as Victorian corsets. Hanging from each was a passel of streaming ribbons in the wedding colors: hot pink, orange, gold. Paul Joseph Brown took my favorite wind-shots ever of these ribbons, blowing straight out to horizontal across Elliott Bay.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. “‘Em” being the breezes in this case. And really, shouldn’t a ceremony be vibrant and full of life forces?

And yes, thankfully, the reception was indoors.

P.S. Those super cool light boxes under the tall centerpieces were provided by Good Times DJ Services, and were custom programable.