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A Small Fall Gathering

Paige and Cesar had only ten guests at their intimate October wedding at the Edgewater Hotel, but they had all the romance and beauty that could fit in their lovely private room. Candles glowed around the altar, while abundant floral framed the sweet couple.

The New Autumn Palette

October does not have to mean orange, red, and gold. Ivory, crimson, and eggplant is a rich, moody approach to the season that doesn’t scream “cornucopia.” These Arsenal urns are some of our most favorites for creating a romantic, flowing look that was perfect for Paige and Cesar’s vibe.

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Gorgeous Gown

Can we talk for a minute about Paige’s AMAZING bridal ensemble? That peekaboo slit in her skirt, paired with the beaded capelet (both from BHLDN), was just too dreamy for words. The silk Vince mock neck top was the perfect accompaniment.

Gorgeous Photos and Great Hospitality

Thank you so much, Meghann Prouse Photography, for sharing your gorgeous images. And thanks as always to the Edgewater Hotel for their consistently lovely hospitality!

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