What month is this? Not where am I, but when am I? Those are the questions that I catch myself unawares with. As a florist, I’m very focused on the seasons and what is at offer to my working hands. But as a wedding florist specifically, I am also caught in that odd whirlpool of planning for events to come and tying up loose ends on events past. Right now, in engagement season, my mind is so much in August and September that sometimes I have to remind myself that we haven’t even officially left winter yet!

I was thinking about Risa and David’s wedding at Sodo Park last spring, as in our orbit around the seasons we circle closer back to peony season again. While 90% of brides who meet with me say that they would LOVE to have peonies in their wedding, only a small handful actually get married in the 3-4 week window of late May-mid June when local peonies are doing their thing. Risa was one of those lucky brides.

We filled her wedding with delicious, vibrant, juicy Coral Charm peonies, as well as Icelandic poppies, godetia, sweet peas, asclepias, and other seasonal delights in super saturated colors of hot pink, orange, and coral. Bits of cool silver dusty miller and grey-green succulents provided contrast. I loved the overflowing planter boxes laid out on the “Hogwarts”-style tables at Sodo Park, and loved the way stripes and chevrons worked their way into the festivities. Color and texture:  my favorites!

Peony season is only a few months away again… Or was it only a few months back??

All-Star Vendors:

Planning and Coordination:  New Creations Wedding Design

Linens:  Choice Linens

Photography:  Bradley Hanson

DJ: Bamboo Beats