One of my favorite things about this job is other people’s imaginations. To hear about what a client has dreamed up, and then to bring that vision to life, is a never-ending challenge. And I mean that in a good way. Mollie threw me two delightful challenges with her February wedding to Rob:  First, she wanted a big, juicy, asymmetrical, gorgeous floral hair crown. Second, she wanted a presentation bouquet. You know, the kind you carry in the crook of your arm, like a dancer — which Mollie is.

The floral hair crown was not entirely daunting, as I’d been recently tasked with creating a couple of them for styled shoots (see blog post). But still. This was a real wedding! For Mollie’s, we went for full romance — big blush garden roses and delicate white ranunculus, intermixed with smidges of reindeer moss and other textural delights. The presentation bouquet was a little more challenging, as it became more unwieldy to hold as I continued to add flowers to it. Every now and then I’d stop to rest it in the crook of my own arm and look in my studio mirror. Did I look like a dancer? A bride? Not exactly, but I knew Mollie would.

I loved the muted, sea-inspired color palette that Mollie and Rob chose — perfect for the Edgewater Hotel on what turned out to be a very rainy day. But with all that candlelight and love in the room, it couldn’t have been warmer or cozier. (And the gorgeous photos by Maurice Photo are here to prove it!)