Sometimes one word is all it takes. When Margi came to me to talk about flowers for her wedding reception at The Great Hall at Greenlake, she described the feeling of airiness, light, and life that she wanted the room to have. Like being in an atrium, she said.

Atrium! I think of the floral abundancy at the Conservatory at Volunteer Park. I think of cellists doing their thing by a spiral staircase. I get a kind of floaty feeling.  A small bird is perched high up beneath the glass. Someone might be wearing a bow tie, and someone is definitely wearing a gardenia. Atrium!

That one word sparked the vision for Margi’s flowers:  tall centerpieces on classic silver candlesticks, with maidenhair fern fluttering around the edges. Fresh whites and greens, studded with aromatic rosemary, mint, and sage. Low counterparts in silver bowls. The vision carried over to Margi’s ceremony decor: pomanders to line the aisle and mark the altar at a waterfront park on Lake Union.  Let me tell you, that was one of the best smelling weddings EVER.

Dare I say that the entire wedding was atriyummy?

Many thanks to Alyssa Rose Photography for sharing these images. GuGuLy Event Planning pulled together a zillion details for the happy couple, and made our day a lot easier, too!