(Or, The Wisdom of Wallflowers)

Flowers want so much to be the stars of the show. They’re divas, a little bit, and mostly deservedly so. But flowers, face it — sometimes your best and most nuanced role is a supporting one.

This could not possibly be more true than at Chihuly Garden and Glass. I mean, WOW. Have you been there? The artwork is super-bright, super-large, super-jawdropping. It’s an amazing setting for a wedding – as Blake and Stephanie experienced this past February in one of the first weddings to be had at the venue. We were so excited to be chosen as their florist!

From the get-go, Blake and Stephanie had a vision for all-white floral arrangements, with minimal flower variety:  hydrangea, spider and football mums, and orchids. Some calla lilies and roses in the bouquets, with added stephanotis for Stephanie. This couple knew that every eye would be on the artwork — when it wasn’t on the couple! — and together we created a floral scheme to support that reality.

In the end? The overall effect was stunning:  a balance of energy and rest, swagger and grace. And — of course — happily ever after!

The all-star crew of this wedding included Sheena Kalso and her team at The Invisible HostessPedersens Rentals; and the photography genius of Azzura Photography.