Christmas is coming, and toys are on the loose. (How else would I have come home with a pair of used bongos the other day, when I only meant to buy a $5 bottle of valve oil for our household trumpet?) Thinking about the parade of toys through the ages, a hoola hoop rolls through my mind and reminds me of this sweet little wedding from the summer…

Eva, the bride, had great vintage style — and was also an avid hoola hooper. What better way to bring some of her unique personality to the decor than to place a hoola hoop front and center? She and her guy Ian were to be married on the deck at Ray’s Boathouse. You don’t want to block the stunning view there, but the railing can use a little love.  We took a regular old hoola hoop and wrapped it with pink and cream vintage-esque ribbons, and hung it on the railing right where the bride and groom would stand. Soft garlands of smilax and romantic floral clusters featuring Cafe au Lait dahlias completed the look. Inside the dining room, sweetly simple centerpieces in milk glass and depression-era rose glass carried out the vintage vibe.

Wish I could have seen the first dance! Something tells me that a special hoola hoop might have been just within arm’s reach….

Thank you to  Joshua Mahar Photography for the lovely images!