463 weddings. Sounds like a lot. Imagine 463 brides walking down one long aisle, and roughly 1,852 bridesmaids standing with them at the altar. Is it really possible that in the last ten years this studio has created around 2,300 bouquets, most of them hand-tied, each wedding different from the other?

Overflowing ribbon rack. Laurel McConnell Photography

Lots of weddings means lots of ribbon.

Not only is it possible, it is almost certain. At this 10-year anniversary of owning Floressence, I find myself thinking a lot about all the beauty, labor, and learning that I’ve experienced in the studio. And so I just had to count.

There is no single image to convey all that time and all those flowers. If there was, it would be a sure sign I’ve been on the wrong track. So for this inaugural post, I’ll just share a few from one of my favorite weddings.

Wedding #349: June 28, 2010

A predictably chilly day in Seattle, but so enlivened by the colors and textures of these exuberant flowers. Sweet pea vines creeping out from the bridal bouquet, curling around peonies, garden roses, spray roses, poppy pods, and ranunculus. Lady’s mantle fizzing up from the bridesmaid bouquets. Sweet spray rose boutonnieres. Fruiting raspberry cane pretty much dripping from the altar arrangements. The bride and her maids arriving dramatically by (choppy) water to the sweet lakefront park.

Oh, you June brides in Seattle! You always forget that our Junes can be so cold and  wet – and yet how is it that the sun usually breaks for the ceremony after all?

Thanks to Clare Barboza for color photographs of the wedding, and Jimmy Clarke for the black-and-whites. The ever-talented Laurel McConnell documented our overflowing ribbon rack.