Everyone in Seattle is WELL aware of the incessant rain we’ve been enduring. It’s the middle of May and things still feel soggy. Imagery is therapy. I’m throwing myself into the blistering heat of August 13, 2016, the day when Kate and Rhett got married at Chambers Bay Golf Club under a sun that knew absolutely nothing of rain.

Ryan Flynn took the juiciest pictures that day, showing off the vibrant orange, coral, pink, and green tones that perfectly reflected the peak of summer. Dahlias and zinnias popped from the centerpieces, while salal garlands made a refreshing green statement on the ceremony aisle. I loved Kate’s idea for simple hanging wreath forms at the altar. With 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen, it didn’t make sense to do anything much larger. Plus, the view…. Pretty hard to compete with that vista!

I couldn’t get enough of the ringbearer’s in their seersucker shorts-suits. We on the setup crew were “glowing” (to use the ladylike term for sweating buckets) while we worked to set everything up. I couldn’t blame those little fellas for shedding a tear or two during the course of the afternoon. (I might have secretly cried while on the ladder, climbing ever closer to the sun.) And on the flip side, how did that enormous wedding party stay so beautiful all day? Kate, especially, was the picture of grace.

Tara Lee of Sugarcomb did a beautiful job of bringing all the elements together and coordinating such a memorable day — and we were happy to be a part of it!