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Our rental trees and plants brought the outdoors in to Dockside at Duke’s.

No one wants a cocktail party to feel stuffy — especially when it’s work-related. The always creative and fun-focused Megan Clark from Clutch Events hired us to help bring a feeling of vibrancy to this corporate happy-hour. We brought in a slew of our tropical trees: fiddle leaf figs, fishtail palms, and laurel figs, fleshed them all out with lush ferns around the base. Suddenly what could have felt like a blank room felt like a personalized space that invited you to enjoy it.

Get your hands in the dirt!

People like something to do at a party — and it’s a great way to keep people from doing too much nervous drinking. (Especially crucial at a work function.) For this group, Megan hired us to create a succulent potting station. Super fun for guests to dig into, and a great take-away favor to boot. We were so happy to find these really cute trowels and watering can that suited the whole vibe so well!

Customize the experience.

As a really special way to customize the experience and further enhance the brand, we created a succulent-filled representation of the company’s logo, waiting to greet guests on their way in, and winking goodbye at them on the way out.  These succulent letters ended up serving as decor at the company’s office afterwards — double bonus! Our florals also reflected the company brand, with bright orange and green tones.

Need Trees?

We have so many beauties to choose from, and would love to work with you to figure out the best tree scenario for what you’re trying to achieve. Send us an email at and we’d love to talk!

Fabulous Vendors!

A party is only the sum of its best parts! We are always delighted to partner with Dockside at Duke’s, Barbie Hull Photography, Clutch Events, La Tavola, Golf to Go, and Yay Parties.