Owner and Creative Director Anne Bradfield of Floressence

Hi. I’m Anne.

In 2003, with a degree in art, and my hands in gardening, I followed my instincts and dove into ownership of Floressence.

While back then, I was as eager and green as they come, my underlying reasons for taking such a leap still stand today—15 successful years later. I craved a space wherein art, and a lifelong appreciation for aesthetics, could blend with the business-appeal of connecting with clients, and bringing their creative visions into fruition.

I believe in the spontaneity of nature, the power of playfulness, and the beauty of imperfection. My designs aim for the “artfully irregular” as tribute to the untamable, stunning, and temporal spirit of the garden.

Based in Georgetown, Seattle, we source local, lively blossoms, and create everything from wedding accessories to celebratory installations. Information on minimums and other pricing-related basics can be found here.

For a complimentary consultation and to visit us at the Floressence studio, please email or call 206-763-5573. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Anne Bradfield, Owner and Creative Director 

photo credit: Stephanie Cristalli Photography