Florists are kind of like parents. We hate to choose favorites, but Ky and Tina’s wedding reception this past May at 415 Westlake just might be my favorite. At least from 2013. Well, at least from May of 2013.

First off, it was the color palette:  coral, peach, melon, ivory, white, green. And it just so happened to be the season for some of my favorite flowers:  peonies, ranunculus, viburnum, anemones. (I use the word “favorite” in this context with full abandon.)  Second, it was the vision:  lots of texture, lots of variety, lots of beauty to fill up the big square tables in that gorgeous blank-slate urban space. Aleah and Nick of Valley & Co. did an amazing job of helping to corral all the possibilities and turn them into something real and realizable.

We alternated big, juicy florals in footed silver bowls with soft clouds of baby’s breath – also in silver bowls – as the central centerpieces. Around those went little arrangements in assorted julep cup and vintage glassware. And around that went loose blossoms scattered on the table. And amongst that went mercury glass votives. And around those went some very happy guests. 

It’s hard to let your favorites leave the studio, to go off in the world, never to be seen again. You wish them well, and hope they find love and appreciation. And on top of all that, you’re very grateful to the uber-talented photographers who record them with such care — many thank yous to you, Chantal Andrea!